And it was a grey winter’s day in Linz - however colorful and sparkling thanks to a firework of ideas presented to us by our wonderful speakers. Thanks for participating, it has been a blast. 


The New Normal

We tend to constantly strive for improvement, innovation and any kind of highlights on the search for greatness and ultimate happiness. That prevents us from seeing what is actually happening around us in the normality of our everyday lives. Whilst the highlights appear in gloss and light, the majority of our lifetime seems to happen almost unnoticed in the shadow of everyday's normality. What if the spotlight is redirected to the parts of our lives that we actually spend most of our time with. Then again, what is actually still normal in this so-considered normality? Does this concept still have a legacy or did it become redundant in times when each and anyone can have one's normality tailor-made.

Videos 2018


10.02.2018 | The new normal

Werner Gruber

The big brain theory – how does the brain work?

Diana Richardson

The Power of Mindful Sex