About TEDxLinz


TEDxLinz is an independent TEDx event, operated under license from TED. It is organized by a small committed group of passionate idealistic souls on a voluntary basis. TEDxLinz stands for a line-up of inspiring Austrian and international speakers in the heart of Austria’s most innovative and creative city.

TEDxLinz aims to give people with outstanding ideas, visions or projects a voice and a stage. In times of alternative truths, it is our mission to highlight hands-on constructive ideas and visions for a common understanding and a common future. We want to provide an open inspiring haven for all curious souls out there. We welcome all who have not stopped wondering what happens outside their bubbles and who are willing and eager to be dazzled by thoughts coming from places, projects and people they cannot even imagine.

We believe that the world’s beauty is its diversity and its different facets, not just within nature but also within human mankind. That is the kind of world TEDxLinz wants to contribute to, by sharing and discussing ideas that have the power and potential to guide towards a common future.

TEDxLinz strives towards creating a space far away from stereotypes and prejudices – a space where we can all think of ideas together – no matter from which angle we look at them. We devote ourselves to seeing and showing the real person behind the successful character. It is about connecting speakers and fellow participants to inspire each other and be in this together – as we are anyway.