George Mikenberg

Particle Physicist at CERN (Switzerland) | Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Science has traditionally played a role of universality, where knowledge and experience were shared through mankind. However, this universality in science is not always easy to live up to when political conflicts between nations raise personal animosities among the scientific community. This requires large infrastructures where collaborative efforts on the common search of knowledge can be performed, independent of peoples’ culture. CERN, being the largest of such infrastructures, is the best example. George was in charge of the construction of the largest detector system (the ATLAS MUON Spectrometer) in the CERN Particle Collider (LHC), the most complex experimental facility ever built. Born in Argentina, raised in Nicaragua, studied in Chile, Israel and USA, George knows what it means to overcome cultural differences for the common sake of universal knowledge. Yes, he is one of those scientists most of us know are working on complex issues that we think we will never understand or hear about live… at TEDxLinz 2018 you will have this chance!