The new normal


10.02.2018 | The new normal

It's complex baby

Session 1
Ali Mahlodji

Warum wir glauben nicht gut genug zu sein.

Claudia Schnugg

How art and science collaborate, intervene and innovate

George Mikenberg

Particle physics as a way to bring different cultures to work together

Let your body talk

Session 2
Diana Richardson

The Power of Mindful Sex

Claudia Brunner

Listen to your body with all your senses with yoga

Hartmut Geiger

Engineering healthy aging, one stem cell at a time

Anna Grebe

Love your body? Three misconceptions of Body Positivity

Dive into the magic

Session 3

Real-time motion graphics to redefine the aesthetics of juggling

Robin Arnott

Designing Videogames For a More Mindful World

Chris Cross

Mapping Dance Performance: “Into the Light” 

Samantha Wareing

What if musicians performed in our living rooms?

Laura Zanardini

Can Mars be just around the corner?

Let's face it

Session 4
Werner Gruber

The big brain theory – how does the brain work?

Stefan Parnreiter-Mathys

Vertical farming - food production in urban environment

Gregor Fauma

Die Affen am Arbeitsplatz | The apes at work