Sam Bunn

Artist, Independent Scholar, Teacher | Austria

Sam Bunn is an artist, independent scholar and teacher based in Linz. As an artist he works between performance, installation and video. In his artwork he typically employs variation through prototyping to create a spread of output on a given topic. Humour and questions of morality often feature. His recent works have explored different ways of embodying eutopian ideas into artworks, typically in collaboration with other people, from school goers to the general public. His latest work, created during ARS Electronica 2018 in afo Linz was focused on imagining an 'Institute for eUtopia'. This work featured a utopian maze, a choir and a small group of actors.

As a scholar he has participated in several recent conferences about utopia connected to the Utopian Studies Society, where he is focused on the absence of eutopia from mainstream film. Through this lens he suggests that a lack of publicly accessible, positive, fictional ideas about the future is something we should be working on.