Ali Mahlodji

Co-Founder WHATCHADO | EU Youth Ambassador

When it is about finding your path in life no matter what, then Ali is the one and only expert. Born in 1981 in Teheran and becoming a refugee in Austria at the age of two, Ali struggled to find his own path. He basically tried everything – from construction worker to international management consultant. After a burnout, Ali realized that disorientation is a global issue for teens and many feel as lost as he did back in high school. This inspired him to create the digital biography-guide where people tell the story of who they are, what they do and how they got there in order to inspire and motivate others. By no time, the digital storytelling & recruiting platform was internationally celebrated and awarded big time all over the planet. Now Ali is travelling the world delivering inspirational keynote speeches that inspire young teenagers as much as well-known CEOs.

His book “Und was machst Du so?” just came out in August 2017. Read more at:

Name: Ali Mahlodji

Talk: DE

Country: Austria