Hartmut Geiger

Director and Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine and Stem Cell Aging at Ulm University, Germany | Adjunt Professor at University of Cincinnati

As expert in the field of molecular medicine Hartmut's research revolves around everything connected to stem cell biology, aging and stem cell rejuvenation. Reading his CV the question arises, how Ulm University ever managed without him. Hartmut is director and professor at its Institute for Molecular Medicine and Stem Cell Aging. Further, he is on the Board of Directors and Spokesperson of Aging Research Center as well as the Spokesperson of the CEMMA research training program. Besides all of this, he is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati at the division of experimental hematology and cancer biology and member of multiple research networks and societies for hematology, aging and stem cells. Hartmut not only passes on his passion for molecular biology and knowledge as a professor and through his publications but also as mentor for Ph.D. students and post-docs.

Name: Hartmut Geiger

Talk: EN

Country: Germany