Eli (Daniela) Perzlmaier

Heartworker | Germany

Eli Perzlmaier has been self-employed in the field of women's empowerment and potential-development since two years. After earning her degree in Business Administration and gaining impressive 18 years of experience in Live Communication, 7 years in General Management and 5 as Head of Sales and Marketing at the agency Zibert + Friends, it was time for Eli to found her own business. So in 2016 she started "Sag doch wer du bist!" where she advises and helps women develop their brands and businesses. The same year, as one of her projects she founded "Women's Hub", a community for empowering women. "Women's Hub" has since expanded to Hamburg and Rosenheim and their goal is to create a Europe-wide movement, which allows women to unfold their potential in a strong community.

Image: © Anne Kaiser Photography