Gemita Samarra

Founder of NGO ‘My Name is Human’,  Stuntwoman, Photographer, Writer, Producer | England

Gemita Samarra is a powerhouse – body and soul. She grew up as a professional athlete, in show jumping and synchronized swimming. Since starting her career in stunts at age 17, Gemita has stunt doubled the Bond girl in 007’s Spectre and has worked on many other films and TV series such as Fast and Furious 6 and Game of Thrones. At 20 years old, she turned her focus more onto a deeper passion - documentary producing and writing, specifically within environmental, animal and human rights. Her experience working directly with displaced communities shifted her focus again from media to creative solutions within education, global health, water access, food security, housing and more. Gemita has since founded "My Name is Human", an NGO focused on global solutions for refugees, the homeless and the extremely impoverished, as well as still working as a stuntwoman, photographer, writer and producer.