Kaouthar Darmoni

Expert in Gender Studies, Assistant Professor in Gender & Media, Divine9Dance® | Netherlands-Tunisia

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni (PhD) is a scholar and expert in Gender studies. She has an extensive academic career as Assistant Professor in Gender & Media. She combines her academic passion with her Divine9Dance® and Women Empowerment. She leads the Feminine Capital Academy to teach women The Art of being Feminine. She guides them to free their Feminine & Erotic Capital and use it as an added-value; to achieve more economic and social benefits, and to do more for the good of Mother Earth. Kaouthar’s focus is to support and accelerate the emergence of FeMale Leadership where the Feminine & the Masculine co-lead the world together towards more balance and higher consciousness. She likes to create bridges and connections between her original Arab-Muslim culture and her adopted Western culture. She is a passionate activist and is involved in many Women’s movements around the world. Kaouthar is regularly featured as a keynote speaker at the largest conferences, as well as being on television, radio, international magazines and newspapers and various internet programs.