Sebastian D. Marcu

CEO Bake in Space, Managing Director Design & Data GmbH | Germany

Sebastian Marcu is the Managing Director at Design & Data GmbH, a specialised cross-media agency that provides digital visual communication solutions for the space sector. Through its creative spirit the company has taken on new challenges to become thought leaders for the space and science industry. Since 2017, Sebastian has also been CEO of “Bake In Space”, which seeks to address the scientific and technical challenges related to producing food in space. The intention is to take the needed hardware to the ISS in order to bake fresh bread in space.

Sebastian has collected over 15 years of experience as a Content Marketing expert and the fields of strategic PR and marketing, transmedia storytelling and more. He obtained his M.Sc. in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Westminster in 2002 and following a strong interest in the space sector, he took part in the Space Studies Programme 2014 at the International Space University in Strasbourg. He has since been connecting these two passions, for example, by developing creative media applications for organisations such as the European Space Agency.